Second Thoughts

--- Paula & Pia Cuerquis ---

Victims of second-guessing and over-thinking, sisters Paula & Pia Cuerquis open up about their ever-evolving thoughts, feelings, and life choices. Intended to inspire and entertain, these two twenty-something-year-olds talk candidly about the whys, the what ifs, and the whats nexts in life. Follow along as they share their perspectives on life’s highs and lows through unsolicited advice and commentary on real and relatable experiences.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 73 Questions with Paula & Pia

    In this week's episode, and the last episode of Season 1, Paula & Pia get into answering 73 questions, Vogue style! They ask each other about their worst traits, favorite qualities in a partner, items on their bucket list & other rapid fire questions! Tune in to get to know ...


  2. Toxic Relationships

    This week, Paula & Pia talk about toxic relationships; both platonic and romantic. In this episode, Paula & Pia discuss their experiences navigating one-sided friendships, on-again-off-again relationships and all the red flags that everyone should be mindful of. Tune in to hear their two cents on why leaving someone is ...


  3. Burnout & Ways to Avoid It

    In this episode Paula & Pia discuss burnout. Burnout has become an all-too-common experience. With symptoms ranging from irritation to fatigue to l straight-up hating the things you once loved—Paula & Pia discuss their experience(s) with burnout and how to avoid it. Tune in to hear ways you can spot ...


  4. Hello 2021

    At Second Thoughts Pod, we're all about cliche sayings. So...NEW YEAR, NEW ME! This week, Paula & Pia discuss their New Year's resolutions and goals for the future. The two sisters talk about the importance of goal-setting and mapping out your best future. Tune in to hear their personal aspirations ...


  5. Hindsight 2020

    As 2020 comes to a close, Paula & Pia reflect and reminisce on what was a crazy and unexpected year. They share 20 lessons learned ranging from things like defining boundaries and putting their mental health first to thanking TikTok for the communities they've been exposed to and reminding them ...